Chapter 3: Dance Etiquette

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Asking For A Dance

Would you like to dance? This section describes the local conventions for inviting someone onto the dance floor. Includes a helpful tip for ensuring that you don't inadvertently direct your invitation to the wrong person!

Getting Asked To Dance

Many women are still reluctant to ask men to dance, though I encourage women to do so. For those who wish to be asked to dance more often, I offer a few insights into the minds of leaders (primarily men), and some possibly helpful advice.

First, the insights, which are somewhat obvious.

Now, some practical advice on how to get asked to dance.

A Bit of Philosophy, Or How To Keep Everyone Happy

Ballroom dancing is wonderful because people can ask each other to dance without fear of rejection. This section shares a few thoughts on how this system works, and when it is or is not acceptable to turn down an invitation to dance.


Since partner dancing is an intimate activity, good hygiene is vital. Discusses smelling sweet, staying dry, and keep those cold germs at bay.

Further Reading

Dance etiquette is a popular subject. This section lists other guides to ballroom dance etiquette, some even more extensive than that presented in this book.