Chapter 7: Playing Music At Dance Parties

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Tools Of The Trade

As a DJ at a ballroom dance party, your goal is to deliver a smooth stream of high-quality, well-varied songs to which your audience can dance. Describes the tools that you'll need to do your job well.

Knowing Your Audience

How to keep beginning dancers from running away.

Variety, The Spice Of Life And Dancing

Choosing which songs to play is a delicate art. Is is better to play a series of Waltzes, or never to repeat the same dance more than once in a row? Is it more important to alternate slow and fast music, or Standard and Latin dances? Are pre-mixed dance compilations the greatest thing since sliced bread, or a crutch for the lazy DJ? Answers for inquiring minds.

Sound Engineering

Discusses how long each song should run, how to segue from one song to the next, and how to adjust the volume to make the dancers happy. Includes tips on cuing, fading, and changing the pitch of songs.