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Much Ado About Ballroom Dancing

a handbook for the social dancer

by Ronnen Levinson

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Career Explorer Canada

I have been answering questions from Canadian students about ballroom dancing for the Career Explorer Canada website.

Time Magazine Article

I had the honor of being interviewed for a Time Magazine article on ballroom dancing, "They're Having A Ball" (March 12, 2001; Vol. 157, No. 10; Time Bonus Families, p. F1).

New York Public Library Dance Collection

Much Ado About Ballroom Dancing is now on the shelves of the mid-Manhattan branch of the New York Public Library.

New Book Chapter Available Online

I have posted to this website the full text of a new book chapter, "Name That Dance!".

From A Website...

For the past four years, I have operated the "Much Ado About Ballroom Dancing" website, offering advice on subjects of general interest to social dancers. This website has received over 50,000 visitors, and positive feedback from readers has encouraged me to write a social dancing handbook.

To A Book

I am pleased to announce the publication of Much Ado About Ballroom Dancing, an illustrated, large-format paperback that offers occasionally humorous pointers on

and much more.

Much Ado About Ballroom Dancing includes an etiquette guide, lists of songs for each dance, and links to numerous dance and music resources on the internet. This book is aimed at the beginning-to-intermediate social dancer, but also offers tips that may be of interest to more experienced dancers. It could serve as a companion text for social dance classes.

Previewing The Book

You can read about one-third of the book's contents on this website, and see images of the book's cover pages and sample inner pages. To preview a chapter, select the chapter name from the menu on the left.

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If you have read Much Ado About Ballroom Dancing, you can submit a review to Amazon.com.

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